About Us

Stemming from a history of family owned businesses for the past 25 years, our newest addition to the family is Aberdeen Car Wash. Throughout the years we have learned from a consumer's perspective along with a business owner's perspective on how to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction. We are not here to provide you with just a carwash, it's much more than that. Abiding by family values, we bring those values along to the consumer by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This has been a key to our success and your satisfaction for years. With a group of outstanding employees who have worked at Aberdeen Car Wash for over a decade, we are committed to provide the highest quality services quickly and effectively.

Quality and services are important, but we must also be good citizens to the world. The resources our expansive industry uses has a substantial impact on our environment, that is why we are committed to minimizing water used and waste products. In order to minimize the amount of water used for a car wash, we will continue to research and invest into the latest equipment in order to use less and reclaim more of one of the earth's most valuable resources: water.

A car wash that is owned by a family of car enthusiasts, we know how important it is to keep your vehicle clean. Please stop by for a car wash, a few accessories or even a complimentary cup of coffee! We realize that a car is not just a vehicle, it is an investment.

Keep it clean!